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The Greek Herb-Oregano Madness

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Greeks make use of many herbs in their cooking. Greeks cook with many herbs but use Oregano a lot. Oregano is a herb that grows naturally in Greece and is used to flavour meats, fish and salads. Greek oregano is grown for its strong flavor and aromatic leaves. It is a tender perennial and needs to be protected with mulch in the winter in Zone 7 and south. Greek oregano is also a strong antiseptic containing thymol. Greek oregano is one of the best oreganos for cooking. This shrubby oregano plant grows 3 feet tall, bearing slightly fuzzy leaves with a pungent aroma and taste. Read more

Cooking With Herbs-Greek Cooking

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Cooking with herbs is not a mystifying art. If you cook, you already are using herbs in many of your recipes. Cooking with herbs is rewarding and enjoyable. Often herbs will add a different taste to a dish other times they will complete a dish. Cooking with herbs is such a wonderful bonus to having a gorgeous landscaping plant.

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Greek Dancing-Every Greek Likes to Dance

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Greek dancing is very enjoyable. Greeks are very proud of their dances and there are many dances almost one from every part of Greece. Some Greek dancers are spectacular. Greek dancing is an important part of weddings and celebrations and it plays an important role in a Greeks life. Read more

Greek Culture-A Global Culture

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Greek culture is a major force behind most of what we know today. In government the Greeks practiced pure democracy. Greek culture is more than the glorious antiquity of philosophy and dramaturgy; it is a journey all the way into the present. Read more

Speaking of Ancient Greek Theatre-The Golden Age of Greek Theatre Arts

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What is considered the Golden age of Ancient Greek Theater? It is the time period between 600 BC - 200 BC. Athens was the epicentre for the flourishing arts. The political and military epicenter gave birth to great emperors, soldiers, philosophers, poets, writers and actors. Read more

A Few Words on Greek Theater Arts

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The Greeks had denizens excelling in all kinds of trade and they had a habit of excelling in their respective fields irrespective of whatever constraints are presented to them. Although the Greeks were known to be great warriors and athletes they were also good in artistic fields such as theater, pottery and philosophy. Read more

An Overview of Ancient Greek History

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Greek history is complicated and includes thousands of years of evolution of a dynamic culture. Greek history is closely related to the sea and Greeks thrived because of it. Greek history is palpable in these garments which are the products of political ties and economic diversity and echo the powerful story of the nation. Read more

Greek Wines-An Introduction to Greek Wines

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Greek wine is of great quality. The problem is that greek wines are entering a market that has been established by other wines like French and Italian wines. Greek wines don’t lack taste and quality and are hitting their expensive Italian and French wines head on in international markets. They have absolutely amazing taste and value. Wine is a great thing to enjoy with good food. In order to enjoy wine the proper way one needs to have all the necessary tools and equipment to do so. Many Greeks make their own wine. Wine making is very popular in Greece and even amongst Greeks living around the world. The best thing when making your own wine is to have good winemaking accessories. Wine flows like water in Greece and sometimes it can be cheaper than water. Greek wine is something of a rarity in the United States, and I was pleased to see several bottles here and there. One of the trademark Greek wines is retsina which is a wine flavoured with Pine resin. Retsina is considered by some as Greece’s turpentine-flavoured national wine. Read more

Greek Food-A Greek Experience

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Greek food is a very healthy choice and most Greek Meals contain sufficient amounts of carbohydrates as well as protein. Preparing Greek food sometimes has a ritualistic feature to it with the whole family involved in making the Greek recipes a reality. Read more

Great Food for Your Next Backyard Adventure

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Millions of individuals and families retreat to their backyards. While backyards are nice all throughout the year, they are even better in the summertime. To make the most out of your next backyard adventure, you are encouraged to think about what foods, if any, you will have on hand. Read more