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Greek Culture-A Global Culture

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Greek culture is a major force behind most of what we know today. In government the Greeks practiced pure democracy. Greek culture is more than the glorious antiquity of philosophy and dramaturgy; it is a journey all the way into the present. Greek culture continues, mutates, evolves, is redefined and Greek culture is becoming more and more entrenched in contemporary and mainstream other culture world wide. As the eyes of the world turn to all things Greek we are planning an extra special program of events and initiatives that will include influences from all aspects of Greek Culture, not least the Olympic Games. Greek culture is another component often missing from many texts. I would enjoy assisting in the creation of a high school Greek book. Greek culture is also the product of Greek migrations. Greek culture is the spirit of a community which is bound together by significant social gatherings surrounding religious and traditional events. In the early days when the population of Canberra was still small and the Greek Community even smaller those important gatherings would be held through the Greek Orthodox Church. Ancient Greek culture is still dominant today. From sports to language to philosophy, the Greek way of life has been subconsciously engraved into the very details of our daily lives. Understanding Greek Culture is very important.

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