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Greek Food-A Greek Experience

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Greek food is a very healthy choice and most Greek Meals contain sufficient amounts of carbohydrates as well as protein. Preparing Greek food sometimes has a ritualistic feature to it with the whole family involved in making the Greek recipes a reality. Greek food has gained international recognition these days and everyone at some point in their life has tried a Greek recipe. There are many Greek restaurants worldwide. Greek restaurants that prepare Greek recipes in either the traditional way or in new revised editions. Greek food is labour intensive, and you need good fresh ingredients. Greek food is still to this day, a unique amalgamation of fresh, seasonal ingredients and a generous blend of these herbs and spices. Greek food is not spicy; they use most of the same spices you use at home. Another good thing about Greek food is that the only oil they use in their food is olive oil. Greek food isn’t boring, its just conventional, our sweets are where its really at anyway. Greek food is very much Mediterranean in style, featuring plenty of olive oil and fresh, fragrant flavours that are best washed down with some Greek wine. Most restaurants cater for a wide range of tastes and feature menus that offer something for even the pickiest British palate. Greek food is flavoured with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, and herbs like oregano, basil, mint, and thyme. These herbs along with lemon juice give Greek food a fresh and delicious flavour that is also found in many countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Greek food is the simplest, most elemental of all; for many of the Greek highlights, you only need to put the food on a platter. Or, at most, on a grill. Greek food can be enjoyed in people’s homes here in America or all over the world. It is very versatile and although some recipes can be complicated, it is a matter of learning the Greek food preparation process. It can be found in small dishes around different restaurants and tavernas. Some people believe that Greek food can become quite repetitive, almost causing an aversion to feta cheese if there too long. Greek food can be identified by it’s abundant use of olive oil, crusty breads, wine fish and game like chicken and rabbit, as well as lamb. The interesting thing about Greek cuisine is that most all of the common dishes can be traced back to ancient times, so you know they’ve had time to get the recipe right. When it comes to Greek food and Greek recipes fish dishes are also common, especially in coastal regions and on the islands. Some dishes use phyllo pastry. In general, I like Greek food and I have many Greek recipes to choose from when I am thinking of preparing Greek food.

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