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Greek Wines-An Introduction to Greek Wines

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Greek wine is of great quality. The problem is that greek wines are entering a market that has been established by other wines like French and Italian wines. Greek wines don’t lack taste and quality and are hitting their expensive Italian and French wines head on in international markets. They have absolutely amazing taste and value. Wine is a great thing to enjoy with good food. In order to enjoy wine the proper way one needs to have all the necessary tools and equipment to do so. Many Greeks make their own wine. Wine making is very popular in Greece and even amongst Greeks living around the world. The best thing when making your own wine is to have good winemaking accessories. Wine flows like water in Greece and sometimes it can be cheaper than water. Greek wine is something of a rarity in the United States, and I was pleased to see several bottles here and there. One of the trademark Greek wines is retsina which is a wine flavoured with Pine resin. Retsina is considered by some as Greece’s turpentine-flavoured national wine. It has a very characteristic taste that you either love or hate. Nevertheless, there are other wines that are more acceptable to Western palates. Greek wine is unique, owing to the country’s wide range of indigenous grape varieties, as well as its diverse climate and topography. We offer a wide selection of excellent wines, from both small, family run wineries and the larger Greek wine producers. Greek wine is being produced for more than 4000 years ago. The most ancient winepress for the production of wine, Linos, has been discovered in an area of Crete called Vathipetro. Even with the overall quality improving, and many stellar producers making world-class wines, your local wine shop has Greek wines next to Kosher and Georgian wines. Greek wine is served by the bottle or the glass. The list includes the peculiar Greek retsina, which tastes as if it should be bottled under many labels. Greek wine is also a new language that until now had really largely been “Greek” to many. Greece is a beautiful country with dramatic landscapes featuring soaring mountains, picturesque gorges and stunning beaches. One of the best ways to take in the countryside is by getting out with an eco-tour to see it firsthand. Greece now has 129,000 hectares of vines and in 2000 produced 3,558,000 hls. This puts it in 14th place in the world, just behind Brazil but ahead of Hungary. Greece has more than 250 indigenous grape varieties, of which about 45 are of commercial importance for modern wines. Much of the trouble at present arises from the difficult to pronounce varietal names and corresponding labels. If you never have tried a Greek wine you better try a Greek wine because they are amazing.

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