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The Greek Herb-Oregano Madness

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Greeks make use of many herbs in their cooking. Greeks cook with many herbs but use Oregano a lot. Oregano is a herb that grows naturally in Greece and is used to flavour meats, fish and salads. Greek oregano is grown for its strong flavor and aromatic leaves. It is a tender perennial and needs to be protected with mulch in the winter in Zone 7 and south. Greek oregano is also a strong antiseptic containing thymol. Greek oregano is one of the best oreganos for cooking. This shrubby oregano plant grows 3 feet tall, bearing slightly fuzzy leaves with a pungent aroma and taste.

Greek oregano is the culinary herb. Generally, the species can be described as a bushy, semi-woody shrub with oval-shaped, usually fuzzy, aromatic leaves. Greek oregano is very pungent and works well in this dish. I also add a few eggs to bind the filling, which gives it a bit of a quiche-like richness. Greek oregano is a particular type of oregano and IMHO far superior to any other kind.

Greek oregano is the best variety for culinary purposes. Greek oregano is usually used in tomato dishes, omelettes, and beef and lamb dishes, while the more pungent Mexican oregano is preferred for chilli dishes. Available as ground or chopped. Greek Oregano is better than Italian for this recipe, its less minty. Salt and Pepper then blend thoroughly on medium speed.

Greek oregano is widely considered to be the best for cooking. It’s an essential oregano in any kitchen herb garden. Greek Oregano is one very spicy herb. Origanum vulgaris hirtum is the true Greek Oregano with flavor so intense it numbs the end of your tongue when fresh, and like all culinary oreganos, the flower of Greek Oregano is white. Greek oregano is useful as a landscape plant that can provide a green, dense ground cover in difficult soils. When it becomes too high, like Asiatic Jasmine, mow it to keep it under control. Mexican oregano is a different plant - poliomintha longiflora. Marjoram is a close relative of oregano but has a gentler, sweeter flavour. Mexican oregano has a more earthy flavor with less hint of mint in the aroma. Set them side by side and you will quickly see the difference.

Herbs are usually native to temperate climates. Spices are aromatic natural products which come from the dried seeds, buds, fruit, flower parts, bark, or roots of plants. Herbal wreaths are about 18″ diameter unless otherwise stated. Herbs are easy to grow, don’t need a lot of space, thrive in just about any type of soil, and many are cold hardy. An ideal location would be a few steps from your kitchen, but any spot that gets about six hours of sun a day is good.

Greek Oregano is one of the secrets. The finger smelt and Heirloom tomatoe appetizers were great on a recent visit. Greek oregano is a superior source of powerful antioxidants. The antioxidant capacities and total phenolic contents in extracts of 27 culinary herbs and 12 medicinal herbs were recently determined in a study and Greek oregano, Origanum vulgare ssp. Greek Oregano is widely used in many Italian dishes as flavoring for tomato sauce, pizza, fish, and salad dressing. Other notable exotic herbs, whether grown for culinary or aesthetic purposes, include verbena, Vietnamese balm, Mexican coriander, Thai basil, and many more.

Greek oregano is my favorite because of its great flavor. Greek oregano which is a Greek Herb is often the source of dried oregano sold at markets. Greek oregano is the standard species. There are many other plants that are called oregano, but do not belong to the same family. Greek oregano is milder and is best suited to Italian, French and Mediterranean recipes. Mexican oregano is more robust and works best in Latin American fare, such as homemade chilli and spicy tapas concoctions.

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